Previously based in Maryland, Anthony Wright is a Virginia professional with a software development background studying data science at Georgetown University. As principal analyst at Modern Technology Solutions, Inc., (MTSI) from 2016 to 2020, Anthony Wright worked with clients such as the Office of the Secretary of Defense in undertaking a 12-month Tactical Aviation Electronic Warfare Assessment. Driving business development for MTSI in regions such as Maryland, Anthony Wright was successful in securing a major technical services support contract.

Mr. Wright served in the United States Navy from 1991 to 2011 and was deployed around the world as a naval aviator. In addition to serving as a pilot in combat missions, he oversaw teams of technicians and managers. As a Topgun graduate, he delivered live-fly, simulator, and classroom training that delved into leading-edge technologies. Earning the U.S. Navy rank of Commander in 2005, he undertook personnel training assignments and oversaw everything from integrated budget builds to contracting strategies.

Mr. Wright’s background includes past responsibilities with Ausley Associates, Inc., as senior group manager, a role in which he oversaw a wide range of government support contracts. Among his accomplishments was leading development teams in the successful completion of complex software programs that involved in-depth analysis and experimentation.